International students will also benefit from entering the Master's in Medical Science program as a two-year graduate program.

There are two entryways into the Master of Science in Medical Science program. Students may enter after completing the Interdepartmental Medical Science year or enter the two-year program from the outset. The first year of the Master of Science in Medical Science program is the Interdepartmental Medical Science Certificate program.

Having these two entryways allows students to complete a one-year certificate program, saving them time and money, if they only need a one-year enhancement program. Students who will benefit from having a second year of challenging academic coursework will benefit from being allowed to participate in the Master of Science in Medical Science year, while working towards a master's degree.

Students who have earned a minimum B average from the Interdepartmental Medical Science year are given the opportunity to select one of two second year medical school offerings, either the pharmacology or pathology course. They take the exact same quizzes and exams as the medical school students and are graded based upon the medical school class average. Additionally, students are required to participate in a a year of non-thesis research. Students select a topic of interest and find a researcher working in that field. They then work alongside the principle investigator to conduct their research. The research can be lab- or clinical-based. Students not meeting the minimum 3.0 GPA will be evaluated by the program director on an individual basis for admission into the Master of Medical Science program. If accepted, the student will need to complete six credits of graduate level biological science coursework in lieu of the second year medical school course.

After successful completion of the program, the student is awarded a Master of Science degree.


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